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Forest Glen Whitehead

Forest Glen Whitehead

Not only did growing up by the railroad tracks in Blanchard, Louisiana expose Forest Glen Whitehead to a variety of different kinds of music, it also instilled him with the drive to pursue his dreams of becoming a songwriter, which led to his decision to move to Nashville at the young age of 17.

“I realized staying in my hometown working in the oilfield or for the railroad wasn't where I saw my life going,” Forest explained. “Making the move to Nashville fresh out of high school, knowing there was a chance of a career in the music business looked too appealing not to try.”

Shortly after his move to Nashville, Whitehead was signed to Black River Publishing in September of 2011 and celebrated his first radio single, “Making This Boy Go Crazy” by artist Dylan Scott in 2013. Now 22 years old, Whitehead functions as a multiinstrumentalist and a record producer and is active with Black River where he will undoubtedly continue to churn out top-notch songs.