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Carl Bell

Carl Bell

Carl Bell is a founding member and principal songwriter of the band Fuel, writing all lyrics and music to all the Fuel hits as well as co-producing all four Fuel albums.

 Born and raised in Tennessee, he grew up working on the family farm and enjoying small town rural life.  Having no television in the house, he spent much of his spare time listening to music and to his brothers album collection, which his brother won when a Memphis radio station, WHBQ, ran a contest to win an album a day for a year.  He also discovered his brother’s Sears guitar, taught himself to play, and began performing in bands in his teen and college years.  Though various bands followed, Fuel began when a band he had formed relocated to Harrisburg, Pa and began playing the local clubs there.  Following showcases in New York, Fuel was signed to Sony and began its career as a successful band of the 2000’s.  Carl has penned such Fuel hits, as Shimmer, Bad Day, Hemorrhage, and Falls on Me, as well as numerous other songs on Billboard’s Rock and Hot 100 charts. Shimmer was the most played song on US Modern Rock radio the year it was released.  Hemorrhage was the #5 Rock Song of the Decade according to Billboard’s Best of the 2000’s Rock Song Charts, and spent 13 weeks at #1 on the rock charts.  He has also written various movie tracks including “Won’t Back Down” written for the movie “Daredevil” and included on Fuel’s Grammy nominated “Natural Selection” album.  He has also written songs for Chris Daughtry, Motley Crue's Tommy Lee, and others.  Following his departure from touring with Fuel in 2008, Carl has continued writing with other artist’s and writers and currently spends his time working and living in Las Vegas and Nashville.